Modeling and simulation environment 28-11-08

Presagis, a provider of commercial-off-the shelf (COTS) modeling, simulation and embedded display graphics software, introduced Presagis Aeria. It brings together a singular portfolio of COTS software into an open, scalable and reusable platform for the development of land, air and sea applications. With Aeria, users create, simulate, visualize, and analyze within a unified work environment. It includes leading industry software brands such as Creator, Terra Vista, STAGE, VAPS XT, and Vega Prime, and provides the ability to leverage new and existing standards in order to eliminate application integration and interoperability issues.


The complete openness of Aeria is enabled by the Common Database (CDB) specification. A commercial, open standard, CDB will ensure full integration of Presagis software and third party applications as well as the reusability of data across projects. Presagis continues to promote open standards such as OpenFlight and TerraPage, government standards such as OTF, CTDB and JCATS, as well as simulation and communication standards including HLA and DIS. Delivering a true, out-of-the-box experience, Aeria increases project efficiency and reduces the time it takes from the receipt of new source data to rehearsing a mission by establishing a well-defined workflow with the following capabilities:


  • Content Creation - Ability to create high resolution synthetic environment databases by importing virtually any GIS data, sensor materials, 3D models, and existing databases.
  • Simulation - Easily create and control intelligent entities, add photorealistic graphical interfaces, and interact with other simulations in a distributed environment.
  • Visualization - Develop and deploy high performance visual simulation applications and real-time 60Hz image generators while supporting operation on multiple hardware/operating system platforms.
  • Analysis - Track key performance parameters with accurate monitoring and collection of data for After Action Reviews.



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