Multi-channel video capture H.264 encoding board 26-03-09

Matrox Morphis Evo is a board for digital video recording (DVR) applications that require real-time capture and simultaneous compression of multiple standard video sources in full resolution and frame rate. Compression is performed using H.264, the new industry standard with improved image quality, while minimizing storage and network transmission requirements.


16 video inputs devised for surveillance

Matrox Morphis Evo allows for the simultaneous capture from up to 16 independent standard video sources. Each video input benefits from hardware based motion, blind, night and scene change detection commonly required in security systems. Moreover, the Matrox Morphis Evo also enables simple graphics and text to be superimposed on the captured video. Selectable privacy regions can hide sensitive portions of the field of view.


Real-time multi-channel H.264 encoding with audio

Matrox Morphis Evo features a real-time multi-channel Baseline Profile (BP) H.264 encoder. H.264 is also known as MPEG-4 part 10, and was developed by the ITU-T Video Group Coding Experts group (VCEG) in conjunction with the ISO/IEC Moving Picture Expert Group (MPEG). This video compression standard provides an optimal compression ratio without compromising quality, and is ideal for the transmission of video over a medium with restricted bandwidth or for maximizing video storage.


The real-time multi-channel H.264 encoder supports 16 full D1 video streams at once. Parameters such as frame rate, resolution, or bit rate can be changed on-the-fly and on a per channel basis without stopping and restarting the encoding. Up to 16 mono audio inputs can also be encoded with the video with a sampling rate of 8KHz or 16KHz in G.711 A-law compression format.


Accessory functionality

In addition to the core video capture and compression functionality, Matrox Morphis Evo incorporates a variety of features to simplify overall integration. These features include auxiliary I/Os that eliminate the need for a third-party I/O board and a RS-485/422 serial port to control cameras with motorized pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ). Also included is an analog spot monitor output to view video inputs individually.


Key features

  • x1 PCIe short card
  • simultaneously capture from up to 16 independent CVBS video sources
  • accepts NTSC, PAL, RS-170 and CCIR video feeds
  • real-time multi-channel H.264 encoder
  • 16 audio inputs
  • 8 sensor inputs, 8 relay outputs
  • RS-485/422 interface
  • watchdog timer
  • programmed using Matrox Imaging Library (MIL) sold separately
  • supports Microsoft Windows XP 32-bit



Software support is available for Microsoft Windows XP and consists of Matrox Imaging Library - MIL - development toolkits for creating custom applications. H.264 playback is performed through third-party video players.



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